Personal Training

We work with each client on an individual basis, focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. 

We are widely recognized for our expertise in functional training and our commitment to developing and implementing innovative fitness techniques. 

Our dynamic approach boundless energy and humor only add to the effectiveness of the experience our clients enjoy.


Small Group Training

Small Group training is training with 3-6 clients, designed for each client in group for their specified goals.

It’s about managing each client or clients in group while at the same time providing inspiration and instruction to the entire group.


Large Group Training

Group class is open to all fitness levels, as everyone works at their own level and pace. Each class is a comprehensive high intensity total body workout with focus on body-fat reduction, improved cardio endurance and output, improved strength, toning and sculpting. 

Each class includes Igor signature compound $ dynamic multiple muscle group exercises. Core training, functional training, cardio/strength intervals and circuits, plyometric and martial art movements. 


Running group 

Run, walk, stroll for fun, challenge, escape, community, and passion. For whatever reason – run as long as you love it.

There is not goal too large or too slow running will bring out the very best of you. 

On every meeting we work on your improvement. Improvement in specific running strength, running endurance, running form, injury prevention. 


Online training

On the Go? 

Busy schedule? Igor offers online training sessions to compliment your mobile lifestyle. Allow yourself to delve into our personalized, challenging, and motivated training from afar.


Nutrition Coaching 

We don’t just shed pounds, we will quide you in every single step you take toward better body composition, health and performance. 

We want each of our clients to pursue their goals, to look, feel better.

Pre op PT

Pre – op PT is a program that we design for you that can help achieve grater outcomes after surgery. Goals are to mentally prepare you for surgery, reducing pain and inflammation, achieve better range of motion (ROM). Shorten hospitalization is another very important goal because muscle atrophy often delays a patient’s return home even if they are healing well.

 Going into surgery as strong as possible also reduced the risk of surgical complications. For example, we teach our clients exercises that can strengthen specific joints and muscle groups that may be affected by the operation, which helps these areas recover faster. 


Post-op recovery and PT

Post – op recovery and PT helps clients to regain mobility and recover faster and ensures that any replacements or repairs during surgery heal properly. Using your muscles as soon as you can after surgery is very important. Each day and week to follow you will find things will be easier and you may be not asking yourself anymore “Do I really need PT? “It’s because learning flexibility exercises increase blood flow to help getting more nutrients to muscles and joints so healing can occur faster. It’s also an excellent option for managing pain and helps to avoid or limit opioid medications. We personally design program for everyone according to their needs to help you heal faster, improving flexibility and ROM and to minimize scar tissue development. Improving balance and preventing falls, improving mood and boosting energy, promoting better sleep ………importance of exercising after surgery are endless.