"Every person in this beautiful world, YOU INCLUDED, deserves to be fit and healthy!"



“I believe in variability training with focus on correct form, hard work and a lot of fun. When I have fitness training sessions with my clients, each day is different and fun. This always puts a smile on my client’s face!” - Igor


My name is Igor Cvetkovic. I am the founder of Igorzing – Lifestyle and Fitness System. Together with my wife Irena Milenkovic ,PT and Nutritionist, we designed system to help you achieve your whole body goals in the safest and fastest way.  


Our system focuses on filling your life with better health, happiness, and fun while working hard on achieving your fitness goals.  I partner with my clients to live their healthiest life. We work together to incorporate healthy habits into all areas of life. 

I want you to enjoy your life. Is there anything better than that? 


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  • Igor has been a major part of my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I first met Igor after living abroad for two and half years… and gaining 30 lbs. I came back motivated to get into shape, but found that it was much harder to do on my own. Igor pushed me beyond what I imagined possible. He was encouraging from the start and praised me for the littlest sign of progress. It’s now been four years and I can’t say enough about how much Igor’s work has transformed the way I live.
    Jocelyn Soto
    U.S. Department of Education
  • Although I was is good shape after many years of running, I wanted to increase my flexibility, build upper body strength and maintain my overall fitness. For the past 2 years, I have trained twice a week with Igor using a program he developed to achieve my specific goals. I value his personal approach, and never feel I am getting the "general workout of the week". He is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and has wide experience with a variety of equipment, exercises, techniques. And training with Igor is fun as well as hard work!
    Lynne Hays
  • Joel Cohen here. Igor is part of my routine and life. It takes a lot to keep my old bones in shape and Igor has been part of the journey for over 10 years. He is kind, knowledgeable, interested in tailoring my personal program and sets an example with his dedication to his personal challenges with marathons and triathlons. Igor is concerned with my diet, and lifestyle to complete the package. I have cherished our relationship and recommend anyone to take advantage of his skills. I'm thankful for him in my life. Go Igor!
  • Igor is an amazing personal trainer! I’ve been training with him for almost 5 years and he still surprises us with his variety of exercises-you don’t get bored. He is able to modify all exercises to individual needs and he’s great with helping you recover if you’ve had an injury or surgery. He also works out with you-he’s not one to stand around just counting for you. Igor also gives you workout plans while you’re traveling and will Zoom sessions too. His prices are so reasonable given the amount of training and talent he brings. And he’s just one of the nicest people you’ll meet. My strength, stamina and balance are better than some of the younger clients and that’s thanks to Igor. I ran my first Army 10 Miler and also finished the Stadium Spartan race!
    Carolina Coleman
  • Igorzing is Amazing! Each of his boot camp workouts are great fun (and exhausting) and good for all skill levels, with new exercises thrown in the mix pretty much every time. Highly recommended!
    Alex Gonski
    Reston, VA
  • I’ve been working with Igor for a little over ten years! He does a fantastic job and always has a wide variety of exercises. He particularly works your core hard!
    Mike Hawes
  • There are maybe hundreds of gyms and personal trainers in this area, but Igor sets himself apart from the rest. Being healthy and happy is the only option for Igor and he will push you to reach your goals whether you like it or not, both in and out of the gym. Igor is personal trainer and expert in many areas of fitness and sports, but he is also a life-coach, a motivator, and a wonderful person.
    Jaafar Ansari
  • Not much more to say than I have been Igor’s client for over 12 years. I would not still be with him if his services were ever anything but exceptional. You can count on Igor to tailor your work outs to your specific needs. Your workouts will vary so you won’t become bored doing the same thing every time. You can’t do better than Igor. He is the best!!
    John Stewart
  • I have trained with Igor for 6+ years. I keep coming back because he always challenges me and keeps things positive. He has experience with all ages and fitness levels. His group classes are a great way to ease into training one-on-one. I have and will continue to recommend Igor for personal training.
    Mia Jones
  • Igor is the BEST trainer ever. He pushes you to set goals for yourself and helps you to achieve/ accomplish them. I love that he’s not a clock watcher. If he has a planned workout and completing it requires going over the one-hour session by 5/10 minutes than that’s just what we do. He is dedicated to his craft and his clients. Outstanding!
    Patrice Jones
  • I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Igor. His workouts are very intense AND fun at the same time. He is always positive and committed to his trainees. He is creative in incorporating different techniques and is up-to-date with the latest fitness research. More than coaching your workout, he inspires you to make a lifestyle change. Train with him and I guarantee you will have no regrets.
    Patricia Yakabe
    Washington, DC
  • I tried the group classes as part of an Amazon deal and am so glad I purchased them! Even if you're in good shape, the group classes help ensure that you try new exercises and have a well-rounded workout. I run and lift weights on my own, but this class pushed me to really get my heart rate up and to work harder. Thanks, Igor!
    Adrienne Kay
    Arlington, VA
  • Awesome workouts, worth every minute of it. Helps us improve your body and health. Wanna change your lifestyle, try this amazing trainer you would not be disappointment. I totally saw a changed in my body when I started working with him.
    Martin Luna
    Gaithersburg, MD
  • I have been working out with Igor for over 3 years and he is fantastic. In the past, I’ve worked out at other gyms and with other trainers and it always gets boring after a while. Training with Igor though is never boring! He is always coming up with fun new ways to work every little muscle, combining weights, boxing, cardio and a variety of unique equipment to keep you challenged! He has vast education in nutrition, supplements, kettlebell, martial arts (black belt!!), TRX, jungshin, swimming, running techniques, you name it! Since training with Igor, my body fat has dropped, I’ve toned up, and worked with him to drop over 5 minutes off of my 5K time. Igor truly cares about his clients and will help you attain any fitness goal big or small.
    Jennifer Bauer
  • I first started working out with Igor because I wanted to get in shape for a beach trip. I had 3 months before heading down to Miami and I didn’t want to hide under layers of clothing in the middle of summer! I gave him 3 month and in return he gave me a bikini wearing body for the summer. It was a lot of hard work but his workout routines were never the same so I was never bored. Igor’s personal training was customized to fit what I was looking to achieve. Unlike other personal trainers I’ve used in the past, he listened to me when I said I didn’t want to use a lot of heavy weights because I didn’t want to bulk up. I also hated how some personal trainers would leave their clients on weight machines. If I wanted to rotate between gym machines, I can do that myself. His workouts are unique and challenging. There were some days I didn’t want to do another session, but I loved the results and that was motivation enough. I would highly recommend his help reaching any of your personal goals whether it is long term or short term. Igor can help you transform your body.
    Zeeye Lee
  • “Igor is a fantastic personal trainer; I highly recommend him. Over the past three years Igor has always ensured the personalized training is appropriate for my fitness level. I never get bored because he varies the exercises and incorporates new ones when I am ready. In addition to being current on the latest exercises and equipment, he also will impart his wisdom about nutrition. I have never felt that Igor has looked down on me for the food I eat or the occasional lack of exercise, he has always been 100% supportive. Igor is a fantastic personal trainer and I feel very fortunate to have found him”.
    Carrie Jeffries
  • Igor, I was very much uninformed about how best to get fit and exercise. So as a trainer, you accepted me for where I was at the time and patiently and professionally you guided me into more and more rigorous workouts, always varied, always demonstrating something first and explaining what the exercise would do for my body. I always trusted your judgment as to how far I could go and be stretched beyond my own perceived limits. I have learned a great deal from you over the years in how to breathe, experience yoga type movements, handling balance and strength exercises, and enabling my mind to believe I can do more, go further. So I have gotten physically far better in flexibility, balance and strength.Your demeanor has always been upbeat, optimistic and inspiring, I have become much healthier, have reduced much of my daily work stress, and feel far more positive about my own physical abilities. I never imagined I could do so many challenging exercises and workouts as I now do. And that is wholly thanks to you, who patiently cultivated my abilities and resolve.I feel I lucked out when I got you as my trainer six years. I give you the highest of recommendations I can give…and a deep thank you, Igor
    Robert T. Maslyn
  • Igor is the best trainer and instructor I’ve had in my 25 years of working out. He has been my personal trainer for over 3 years and will be for many more. His workouts are full body, intense, yet safe and FUN! He is on the cutting edge of training and keeps up with the best research and practices. Igor has extensive and diverse training so he brings all his knowledge and skills to his sessions. They are uniquely designed. He has great updated equipment. He also takes an interest in your health and shares his knowledge freely. He has trained my whole family – daughter, niece, son and husband, and everyone has enjoyed him. Even my reticent husband felt strong in his session and not intimidated. He’s got a great sense of humor and is personable but insists on staying focused on the workout.
    Doris Campos
    Arlington, VA
  • Igor is a great trainer. He helped me lose 80 lbs in a reasonable manner and has helped me keep most of it off for two years. Now he is helping me by changing up my training routine and helping me tune my diet. Before Igor I had gone up and down weight wise over several years and never got near my goal. Igor got me to a new low I had not seen since my teens and I am 50+years old. If you want to lose then igorizing is a great way to go. If you want a trainer who changes up the training all the time to keep it fresh, Igorzing is great too. If you want a trainer who can easily adapt to what you need, Igorzing is also great. The Saturday morning boot camp is also a good group class.
    Cynthia Hamilton
    Arlington, VA